Fishing in Egypt: A Unique Experience

Egypt, officially called the Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the North African continent. A land with an enigmatic past, rich cultured present and bright future, Egypt is one destination that has something for everyone.

Waters of Egypt

Egypt is home to the world’s longest river, Nile. From the origin of mankind, there have always been settlements on the river banks as these offer food, water and fertile lands. Even today, the most developed areas of Egypt are near the Nile banks itself. For those who do not know, Egypt is a wonderful destination for fishing enthusiasts of both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The blue waters of Red Sea, Mediterranean and legendary Lake Nasser are popular fishing destinations.

Fishing in Egypt

The Red Sea

If you like bottom fishing, trolling, popping and jigging, you are going to love fishing experience in the Red Sea. The shoreline is more than 1000 KMs and is brimming with multitudes of fish of various varieties and exotic species like Giant Barracuda, Monster GTS, Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Skip Jacks, Groupers etc. There are multiple fishing grounds and undiscovered spots which will definitely take you in for a surprise with wide range of tropical and game fishing species. This place is heaven for both amateurs and professionals.

Though not a big water body, yet Red Sea is active throughout the year. Unlike the seasonal destinations, the fishing fans scavenge the whole year around making it one of the biggest tourist attractions of Egypt. The main factors contributing to this are warm favorable climate, relative calmness, species diversity and rich structured bottoms. There are charters available by various fishing clubs who have specialized crew trained specifically for Red Sea Excursions and guides, who make your experience worthwhile and memorable. The excursions might be as long as 7 days and nights. This not only provides more time to enjoy fishing and better catches but also to discover remote undisclosed rewarding spots.

Types of fishing in Egypt:

  1. Freshwater Fishing:

Lake Nasser, world’s largest man-made lake has arguably the world’s best freshwater fishing with abundance of both Nile Perch and Tiger Fish. There are several varieties of catfish along with Vundu as the biggest fish. Majorly, there are some thirty-two species of fish in the sea. Freshwater fishing lovers flock from all over the world here annually. However, months of mid-March to end July are preferred for shore fishing and fly-fishing here.

  1. Saltwater fishing:

The Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Gulf Of Suez and the Gulf Of Aqaba are the most rewarding when it comes to saltwater fishing in Egypt. The big catches include Giant Barracuda, Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Skip Jacks, Groupers etc.

Types of fishing methods deployed:

  • Bottom fishing
  • Trolling
  • Popping
  • Jigging
  • Still fishing
  • Drift fishing

Fishing in the red sea is much more rewarding in early morning and late afternoon. The groups are kept relatively small for more fun while fishing.

Egypt as a Tourist Attraction:

For your non-fishing partners, there are a lot of places that will keep them occupied. Probably one of the most sought after destinations of the world, Egypt has a lot to offer. The stunning, colossal man-made pyramids are an astonishing sight. If you love happening places, the sandy, sunlit Naama Bay is sure to appeal you with its subtle beauty and amazing natural frescos. The heat and vastness of the deserts are invigorating while cool turquoise waters are rejuvenating. Be sure to take romantic cruises on the world’s longest river Nile. Its vastness will bedazzle you. Egypt is a first class getaway to pure escapism. With its magic, mystery and charm, you are bound to be enlightened.

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