How to Choose an Affiliate Product Which Sells?

If you are looking to make money online, you must have surely come across the term affiliate marketing. Now if you believe all the sales pages and copy, nearly every affiliate marketer is super successful and making thousands of dollars, literally doing nothing. But is it really that easy? When you dig deeper, you will come across thousands of people who jumped into affiliate marketing, lured by convincing sales pages and their own dreams and hope of becoming rich, only to fail. But there are also people out there who are making some serious money by selling affiliate products to their audience. So how did they succeed? Before I let you in on this secret, let’s get the basics out of our way.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a win-win marketing strategy for both the producer and affiliate. Generally, a person with a targeted audience, like a popular blog or website owner, becomes the Affiliate Marketer of a product and advertises it to their audiences. And every time someone from the audience buys that product, the affiliate earns a good commission. On the other hand, it offers high ROI for the producer as they pay only for the actual sale done.

So here are the Secrets behind every Successful Affiliate Marketer:

1.)    Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb: Yes, it pays to be unique. Just take a look at the internet today and you will be flooded by thousands of eBooks from all sorts of Gurus who promise you the Lands of Riches, all with minimum or no effort at all. Take a moment and think honestly, if YOU don’t like it, will your audience appreciate it? So choose a product which is honest, offers value for money and would really helpful to your audience.

2.)    Keeps Them Coming For More: You offered an awesome product which was really helpful and your audience lapped it up. Now what? If you want a steady and regular income, you should choose an affiliate product which will keep your audience interested and coming back for more. Choose a product which will have an answer when your impressed audience asks “What’s next?”

3.)     High Commission per Referral: Go for the affiliate program and product which offers you a high pay rate. Instead of choosing several products which pay in pennies and need hundreds of referrals to pay you some dollars, choose for one high paying product. It has two main benefits. Firstly, it minimizes your promotional efforts. You no longer have to promote every product, everywhere after every few days. You can take time and plan out a simple yet effective promotional strategy. Second benefit is that you don’t wear out your audience. If your every single post will be about selling products only, slowly your loyal readers will stop coming. It’s better to retain your readership and promote only once in a while.

4.)    A supportive Affiliate program: Whether you are looking for some marketing support or a community forum, a good affiliate program will have a support team in place. This will ensure 3 things. First that the product company really cares. Second, you will have access to support which you may need at some time or another. And third that the company which cares about its affiliates will obviously care about their customers too, resulting in good user experience for your audience.



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