4 Awesome Tips to Have a Successful Online Business

Internet is exploding with information and out of 7 billion web pages out there, at least 80% of them are trying to make money in this chaos. Welcome to the world of “easy and quick money”, the online business world. No, I didn’t mean to scare you off. This was only some realistic data. Now once you know what you are up against, I would like to give some helpful tips which will help you leave a trail of blaze behind, as you climb various steps of success. Buckle up! Here is how it is done and how you can do it too.

1. Answer “why?”

If you want to enter the enticing world of online business, first find the answer of this question- “Why would Anyone Care about your Product/Service?”  Are you offering something which would make life of the buyer easier or better?  What is the use of product and is there a NEED for it? As the owner of an online business, if you want people to pay for your product/service, you better make it worth it. Look for the answers of tough questions like why customers should opt for your company, why not somewhere else etc.

2. Create a need:

This is one of the basic fundamentals of marketing. No matter how useful your product, people won’t buy it unless they feel a NEED to buy it. Now if your idea has passed the test above, you know that your idea will be helpful for a lot of people. So now you have to create a need for it. As Steve Jobs once said, people need to be told that they need this product. And we all are familiar with almost cultish fan following of Apple products. Learn from the master.

3. Be unique:

Internet is always bursting with all sorts of information, products, schemes etc. and every online business tries to fit in this chaos. One person or trend or formula succeeds and everyone starts aping it blindly. The result- we have various brands, selling us same products, all looking alike. How does the baffled customer choose? You make it easy for them. Stand out. Stand out in your advertising campaigns and in your product branding. People will recognize you more easily and once you get brand recognition, you have nearly got the sales.

4. Build relations:

This is one of the most crucial step where most online business entrepreneurs fail and fall from the almost pinnacle of their success. Never ever forget that you are dealing with people, people made of blood and flesh, people who have emotions. It is very easy to slip up on this because as your start succeeding, a sale is no longer your first customer; it is a mere number on a balance sheet. But it pays to build relationships with your customers. Pay a little attention to your customers and you will be surprised the rise of brand loyalty in them. Listen to them. Ask for feedbacks and then really listen to what they are saying. Personalize the weekly newsletter. Send them a coupon or freebies on birthdays and anniversaries.

You will be surprised by how much people remember these tiny gestures and are touched by it.

Follow these easy tips and soon you will be spreading your business (wings) in this choked world of online business.



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