How to Make Your Baby Sleep All Night Long?

Well, after nine months of waiting, you finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms. You thought now finally you can relax and enjoy your long walks without feeling like a duck. But your baby keeps you awake in night. And this sleep deprivation is not helping you, after a long, tiring day at office. So what to do? Well you can use some of the tips mentioned below and see if they help in making your baby sleep.


  1. Teach your baby that night time is for sleeping and daytime is for fun. Keep the lights dim in your baby’s room at night and even if he wakes up, attend to him, but quietly and peacefully. Don’t talk or flick on the lights or rock your baby.


  1. Remember that when in womb, your baby used to sleep all day long because your movements provided him with a soothing rhythm. So when he wakes up in night, gently sway his crib.


  1. Babies don’t like absolute silence. It makes them uncomfortable because it is very noisy inside a womb. So play a CD of white noise or sound of ocean waves or anything which you find suitable. Keep it at a low volume. This will make your baby sleep.


  1. You should remember is that there should be no late noon naps because if the baby sleeps in day, he will obviously remain awake in night. Also take care that he is sleeping on a full stomach, so that the baby doesn’t wakes up at night because of hunger.


  1. A lesser known fact is that most of the times, babies wake up because of their movements. So you should try swaddling. It means wrapping your baby snugly in a warm blanket or something warm. This has two benefits. Baby feels like that they are in womb because of warmth of the restriction of their movements. And the lesser the twisting and turning, better are the chances that he will sleep peacefully.


  1. You can try providing your baby with a little bit of you. No, I don’t mean that you should pacify or rock or sing him lullabies all night long. Just give him something to hold which smell of you. This way, he won’t feel abandoned and baby sleep calmly.


You should know that all babies are different and same tip can not work on all of them. Also, the baby sleep is known to be 10-12 hours long, but it is divided over 5-6 intervals. Usually, babies start sleeping all night long between 6-9 months. But again, it differs from baby to baby. Happy motherhood!

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