Oracle DOO: Better Than Oracle ERP?

As for its commitment in creating globally integrated and synchronized business set-ups, Oracle, the market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning software, has launched Oracle DOO or ‘Distributed Order Orchestration’. Oracle DOO is an addition to Oracle’s Fusion Business Applications suite, a complete software package for Supply Chain Management system. It has been a product of company’s thorough R&D on market operations and problems.

  • The DOO especially focuses on intelligent unification of simultaneous functioning ERP systems and redressed of ‘multiple entry and fulfillment point’ issues, thereby avoiding ‘order blockages’.
  • The company has added several new features to the DOO to overcome the problems faced by its previous SCM software, the Oracle ERP.
  •  The software provides full technical support, right from the procurement of raw materials from partner companies, giving flexibility in adding new order entry points to the existing ones, directing customer’s orders and specifications directly to factories to effective distribution.

In Distributed Order Orchestration system, the software collects all the orders from different entry points into the central database and classifies them into various categories.

  • It then sends the procurement details directly to the storage facilities or factories in an organized manner thus reducing time logs and manual labor costs.
  •  It predicts the shortage of various raw materials and reminds about them well in advance to avoid a lock-down.
  •  In case of passed deadlines and order shortages, it intimates the customers, thus maintaining a healthy customer relationship.
  •  It also prepares a detailed sales report under various headings and maintains a good demand-supply track record for the company, thus enticing new investors and customers.

New Oracle DOO is better than Oracle ERP because of several factors like:

  • The most useful development has been the centralization of orders from various sources giving the complete picture. A Full 360 degree view has been specially developed for this purpose.
  • Its intelligent processor identifies special customers to fulfill their needs priority.
  • Predicts stock shortage and redirects orders or specifies certain rules as and when necessary.
  • It keeps all the departments interlinked and abreast with developments in other sections, thus keeping them in sync.
  • Complete and detailed information helps each worker to be prepared for its role in right time and at right place.
  • To deliver bulk orders, it engages more than one storage facilities to deliver the products more efficiently, both on time and financial basis.
  • Categorized data helps in faster and hassle free information retrieval.
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