Asus N55SF: A Review

AsusN55SF is a powerful laptop with a Core i7-2570QM processor andabigkeyboard that has a numeric keypad. You can call it a desktop replacement. It is purely an entertainment laptop. It comes with a memory of 6GB, Blu-ray drive and a Bang & Olufsen ICEPower audio. Nvidia GeForce GT 555M cardoffers a memory of 2GB for graphics. The laptop also gives an excellent 3D performance.

Asus N55SF Features

 1.       Design:

Asus N55SF has a LCD display of 15.6 inches. The screen gives an excellent resolution with a pixel count of 1920×1080. It has a big chassis but that does not make the laptop heavy. The chassis has a plastic finish but it is covered with a glossy and curved black lid. Its edge has a beautiful chrome finish.

The interior has two tones in silver and black which gives an aesthetic look to the laptop. The lid is prone to fingerprints. But this is the case with all the glossy laptop lids especially when these are used by children. The screen has an aluminum panel below it that adds to high quality. All these features make the laptop look very impressive. The chassis is strong and flexible. Even the screen and the keyboard base have some flex in them.

 2.       Key Concerns:

The keyboard is the major concern. It is of low quality as compared to other laptops. Letter keys are quite compressed for this huge device. Though the keys have amazing springs attached to them but messaging is not comfortable on the keyboard. You tend to hit the wrong key while typing. The inappropriate placement of volume control keys worsens the problem. When you hold Shift or go for Tab, you can accidentally press them. The volume keys are located on the left side. Usually, the keys are placed at the keyboard’s edge. Another flaw is that while you type, a graphic for volume control pops up.

Most of the laptops suffer from poor sound quality. But Asus N55SF has not neglected this factor. The B&O audio is loud enough for the living room. Watching Blu-Ray movies was an excellent experience. The built-in display of thelaptopgives clear & crisp images. The anti-glare coating on the laptop screen reduces reflections. The color reproduction is fantastic. The screen offers great contrast.

 3.       Other Features:

Asus N55SF offers storage of640GB. This is a useful feature for the music, photo and video addicts. Another feature is the USB 3.0 connectivity. Transfer speeds work very quickly with USB 3.0 drive if external storage is added. There are plenty of ports and a microSD slot.
It has a responsive trackpad. However, the mouse buttons click very easily. It becomes little difficult when you perform specific tasks like highlighting files or text.

4.       Powerful Performer:

Asus N55SF runs Intel Core i7-2630QM processor. It comprises of a GeForce GT 555M graphics card of 2GB. There is a Bang and Olufesen ICE power and a SonicMaster subwoofer that increase the performance.

The laptop gives a very strong performance. It gives a tough competition to Toshiba Qosimo X770, Alienware M14X & M18X with its gaming graphics. You can play the games very smoothly or perform video editing effectively with its powerful quad-core processor, 6GB memory and advanced graphics. The laptop makes use of the Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology. This gives an excellent graphics performance and battery life.

5.       Price:

Asus N55SF is available at Rs 70,000 approx.

Sum Up:

Few Asus laptops such as UX31 Zenbook have annoying software- a reminder pops up constantly to register details. You will also notice an update wizard that keeps on appearing. Asus N55SF is quite better than other laptops in this case. It has a super-fast processor. So even with the additions, there will be no slow down in Windows 7.

N55SF is an excellent entertainment laptop that has certain laptops like mouse controls, keyboard and some annoying software alerts. It has an impressive spec sheet. Overall, it gives an excellent performance.

It is a stylized and complete entertainment laptop like those of Alienware and Toshiba. If some changes can be made to the keyboard, the laptop is really worth buying. Though the laptop is not cheap at all but its features are worth its price.

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