Why and How to Use Facebook for Your Business?

Every business needs a Facebook page. Why you ask? Well for starters, currently there are more than 800 millions active users on Facebook. How can you afford to miss such a huge demographic of potential customers. Here are some other benefits which answer “Why you should use Facebook?” :

1. Marketing channel: A Facebook business page is one of the best direct marketing channel in these times of social media marketing.

2. Market research: Facebook provides real time market research and also the much required exposure of the product and brand.

3. Instant: As a social networking site, Facebook is always instant and up-to-date as news is shared by people instantly and if relevant, it spreads like a wildfire in online world.

4. Relations: You can build long term relations with your consumers if the interaction on your Facebook page is productive. If the posts and queries are replied properly and instantly, more people will like to express their opinion and hence better the chances of them remembering your brand and product when they go shopping.

5. Potential consumers: Facebook offers an opportunity to turn visitors into consumers. You can simply offer some discount etc. to the people who “Like” your page. Just from a simple curiosity click, you can visitors into consumers.

As you can see here, a Facebook page is very important for your business. The next question which pops in mind is how to do so?

a. Understand your target market: You can’t create an effective Facebook page until and unless you don’t know who your consumers are and what do they really want. These are vital information for the success of any brand.

b. 3 R’s: If you want a successful Facebook page, there are 3 very important R’s to keep in mind. These 3 R’s are real, relevant posts and a relaxed atmosphere on the page. Keep it real if you want to make a connection with your fans.

c. Balance the update frequency: You should define how regularly you will provide updates like 10 times a day or once a year or somewhere in between. This is important because you want your fans to remember you but you don’t want to spam them with hundreds of updates a day.

d. What to update: The best updates and posts can be a great conversation or quotation or an attention grabbing picture or relevant links or even your latest products. 

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