7 Things to Check Before You Book a Taxi Online

Are you looking to hire a taxi to pick/drop you at the airport? Nowadays, you can easily book a taxi online for your airport transfers. However, if you are new in the city or if you are not familiar with routes, you must be careful and do a thorough research before you book a cab.

Here are few important things which you should keep in mind before hiring a taxi-

  1. Well reputed company: If you are booking your taxi online, go for a well reputed company. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Also check for the reviews of the service online. See what others have to say about that company.
  2. Presentation of driver and vehicle: It is an important factor to consider. See how the driver comes across to you. If you think that he is not at ease or looks like a thug, then don’t take chances. Call the company and verify. Also look how the vehicle is. If it is shabby and unclean, ask for another vehicle.
  3. Check for the on-time record of company: When you are booking your taxi online, look the punctual and on-time service, even if that means a few extra bucks. After all no one wants to get stranded at airport, alone and waiting for their taxi to arrive and pick them up.
  4. Driver training and competency: Before you book your taxi online, check whether the drivers are well trained and competent. Are they certified to drive a taxi? Are they punctual and well aware of all the traffic rules of the country? The drivers are qualified for the job if they have a passed current CRB check.
  5. Ease of use: The website of the company should be easy to use and access. The booking service should be hassle free.
  6. Your safety Guarantee: It is the minimum basic guarantee which any taxi service should always provide. Also ensure that all the vehicles are insured. If the company is insured, it means that the insurance guys found them fit enough to insure them.
  7. Secure site: The website of the taxi service should be https: if you wish to book online and it should be SSL too. An https extension and SSL site means that doing online transactions are safe on that site. A status of https: is granted by proper authorities so you can rest assured that all the transactions and your financial data on that website are safe. 
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