Fishing in Egypt: A Unique Experience

Egypt, officially called the Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the North African continent. A land with an enigmatic past, rich cultured present and bright future, Egypt is one destination that has something for everyone.

Waters of Egypt

Egypt is home to the world’s longest river, Nile. From the origin of mankind, there have always been settlements on the river banks as these offer food, water and fertile lands. Even today, the most developed areas of Egypt are near the Nile banks itself. For those who do not know, Egypt is a wonderful destination for fishing enthusiasts of both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The blue waters of Red Sea, Mediterranean and legendary Lake Nasser are popular fishing destinations.

Fishing in Egypt

The Red Sea

If you like bottom fishing, trolling, popping and jigging, you are going to love fishing experience in the Red Sea. The shoreline is more than 1000 KMs and is brimming with multitudes of fish of various varieties and exotic species like Giant Barracuda, Monster GTS, Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Skip Jacks, Groupers etc. There are multiple fishing grounds and undiscovered spots which will definitely take you in for a surprise with wide range of tropical and game fishing species. This place is heaven for both amateurs and professionals.

Though not a big water body, yet Red Sea is active throughout the year. Unlike the seasonal destinations, the fishing fans scavenge the whole year around making it one of the biggest tourist attractions of Egypt. The main factors contributing to this are warm favorable climate, relative calmness, species diversity and rich structured bottoms. There are charters available by various fishing clubs who have specialized crew trained specifically for Red Sea Excursions and guides, who make your experience worthwhile and memorable. The excursions might be as long as 7 days and nights. This not only provides more time to enjoy fishing and better catches but also to discover remote undisclosed rewarding spots.

Types of fishing in Egypt:

  1. Freshwater Fishing:

Lake Nasser, world’s largest man-made lake has arguably the world’s best freshwater fishing with abundance of both Nile Perch and Tiger Fish. There are several varieties of catfish along with Vundu as the biggest fish. Majorly, there are some thirty-two species of fish in the sea. Freshwater fishing lovers flock from all over the world here annually. However, months of mid-March to end July are preferred for shore fishing and fly-fishing here.

  1. Saltwater fishing:

The Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Gulf Of Suez and the Gulf Of Aqaba are the most rewarding when it comes to saltwater fishing in Egypt. The big catches include Giant Barracuda, Jack, Dog Tooth Tuna, Skip Jacks, Groupers etc.

Types of fishing methods deployed:

  • Bottom fishing
  • Trolling
  • Popping
  • Jigging
  • Still fishing
  • Drift fishing

Fishing in the red sea is much more rewarding in early morning and late afternoon. The groups are kept relatively small for more fun while fishing.

Egypt as a Tourist Attraction:

For your non-fishing partners, there are a lot of places that will keep them occupied. Probably one of the most sought after destinations of the world, Egypt has a lot to offer. The stunning, colossal man-made pyramids are an astonishing sight. If you love happening places, the sandy, sunlit Naama Bay is sure to appeal you with its subtle beauty and amazing natural frescos. The heat and vastness of the deserts are invigorating while cool turquoise waters are rejuvenating. Be sure to take romantic cruises on the world’s longest river Nile. Its vastness will bedazzle you. Egypt is a first class getaway to pure escapism. With its magic, mystery and charm, you are bound to be enlightened.

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How to Choose an Affiliate Product Which Sells?

If you are looking to make money online, you must have surely come across the term affiliate marketing. Now if you believe all the sales pages and copy, nearly every affiliate marketer is super successful and making thousands of dollars, literally doing nothing. But is it really that easy? When you dig deeper, you will come across thousands of people who jumped into affiliate marketing, lured by convincing sales pages and their own dreams and hope of becoming rich, only to fail. But there are also people out there who are making some serious money by selling affiliate products to their audience. So how did they succeed? Before I let you in on this secret, let’s get the basics out of our way.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a win-win marketing strategy for both the producer and affiliate. Generally, a person with a targeted audience, like a popular blog or website owner, becomes the Affiliate Marketer of a product and advertises it to their audiences. And every time someone from the audience buys that product, the affiliate earns a good commission. On the other hand, it offers high ROI for the producer as they pay only for the actual sale done.

So here are the Secrets behind every Successful Affiliate Marketer:

1.)    Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb: Yes, it pays to be unique. Just take a look at the internet today and you will be flooded by thousands of eBooks from all sorts of Gurus who promise you the Lands of Riches, all with minimum or no effort at all. Take a moment and think honestly, if YOU don’t like it, will your audience appreciate it? So choose a product which is honest, offers value for money and would really helpful to your audience.

2.)    Keeps Them Coming For More: You offered an awesome product which was really helpful and your audience lapped it up. Now what? If you want a steady and regular income, you should choose an affiliate product which will keep your audience interested and coming back for more. Choose a product which will have an answer when your impressed audience asks “What’s next?”

3.)     High Commission per Referral: Go for the affiliate program and product which offers you a high pay rate. Instead of choosing several products which pay in pennies and need hundreds of referrals to pay you some dollars, choose for one high paying product. It has two main benefits. Firstly, it minimizes your promotional efforts. You no longer have to promote every product, everywhere after every few days. You can take time and plan out a simple yet effective promotional strategy. Second benefit is that you don’t wear out your audience. If your every single post will be about selling products only, slowly your loyal readers will stop coming. It’s better to retain your readership and promote only once in a while.

4.)    A supportive Affiliate program: Whether you are looking for some marketing support or a community forum, a good affiliate program will have a support team in place. This will ensure 3 things. First that the product company really cares. Second, you will have access to support which you may need at some time or another. And third that the company which cares about its affiliates will obviously care about their customers too, resulting in good user experience for your audience.



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4 Awesome Tips to Have a Successful Online Business

Internet is exploding with information and out of 7 billion web pages out there, at least 80% of them are trying to make money in this chaos. Welcome to the world of “easy and quick money”, the online business world. No, I didn’t mean to scare you off. This was only some realistic data. Now once you know what you are up against, I would like to give some helpful tips which will help you leave a trail of blaze behind, as you climb various steps of success. Buckle up! Here is how it is done and how you can do it too.

1. Answer “why?”

If you want to enter the enticing world of online business, first find the answer of this question- “Why would Anyone Care about your Product/Service?”  Are you offering something which would make life of the buyer easier or better?  What is the use of product and is there a NEED for it? As the owner of an online business, if you want people to pay for your product/service, you better make it worth it. Look for the answers of tough questions like why customers should opt for your company, why not somewhere else etc.

2. Create a need:

This is one of the basic fundamentals of marketing. No matter how useful your product, people won’t buy it unless they feel a NEED to buy it. Now if your idea has passed the test above, you know that your idea will be helpful for a lot of people. So now you have to create a need for it. As Steve Jobs once said, people need to be told that they need this product. And we all are familiar with almost cultish fan following of Apple products. Learn from the master.

3. Be unique:

Internet is always bursting with all sorts of information, products, schemes etc. and every online business tries to fit in this chaos. One person or trend or formula succeeds and everyone starts aping it blindly. The result- we have various brands, selling us same products, all looking alike. How does the baffled customer choose? You make it easy for them. Stand out. Stand out in your advertising campaigns and in your product branding. People will recognize you more easily and once you get brand recognition, you have nearly got the sales.

4. Build relations:

This is one of the most crucial step where most online business entrepreneurs fail and fall from the almost pinnacle of their success. Never ever forget that you are dealing with people, people made of blood and flesh, people who have emotions. It is very easy to slip up on this because as your start succeeding, a sale is no longer your first customer; it is a mere number on a balance sheet. But it pays to build relationships with your customers. Pay a little attention to your customers and you will be surprised the rise of brand loyalty in them. Listen to them. Ask for feedbacks and then really listen to what they are saying. Personalize the weekly newsletter. Send them a coupon or freebies on birthdays and anniversaries.

You will be surprised by how much people remember these tiny gestures and are touched by it.

Follow these easy tips and soon you will be spreading your business (wings) in this choked world of online business.



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How to Make Your Baby Sleep All Night Long?

Well, after nine months of waiting, you finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms. You thought now finally you can relax and enjoy your long walks without feeling like a duck. But your baby keeps you awake in night. And this sleep deprivation is not helping you, after a long, tiring day at office. So what to do? Well you can use some of the tips mentioned below and see if they help in making your baby sleep.


  1. Teach your baby that night time is for sleeping and daytime is for fun. Keep the lights dim in your baby’s room at night and even if he wakes up, attend to him, but quietly and peacefully. Don’t talk or flick on the lights or rock your baby.


  1. Remember that when in womb, your baby used to sleep all day long because your movements provided him with a soothing rhythm. So when he wakes up in night, gently sway his crib.


  1. Babies don’t like absolute silence. It makes them uncomfortable because it is very noisy inside a womb. So play a CD of white noise or sound of ocean waves or anything which you find suitable. Keep it at a low volume. This will make your baby sleep.


  1. You should remember is that there should be no late noon naps because if the baby sleeps in day, he will obviously remain awake in night. Also take care that he is sleeping on a full stomach, so that the baby doesn’t wakes up at night because of hunger.


  1. A lesser known fact is that most of the times, babies wake up because of their movements. So you should try swaddling. It means wrapping your baby snugly in a warm blanket or something warm. This has two benefits. Baby feels like that they are in womb because of warmth of the restriction of their movements. And the lesser the twisting and turning, better are the chances that he will sleep peacefully.


  1. You can try providing your baby with a little bit of you. No, I don’t mean that you should pacify or rock or sing him lullabies all night long. Just give him something to hold which smell of you. This way, he won’t feel abandoned and baby sleep calmly.


You should know that all babies are different and same tip can not work on all of them. Also, the baby sleep is known to be 10-12 hours long, but it is divided over 5-6 intervals. Usually, babies start sleeping all night long between 6-9 months. But again, it differs from baby to baby. Happy motherhood!

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Asus N55SF: A Review

AsusN55SF is a powerful laptop with a Core i7-2570QM processor andabigkeyboard that has a numeric keypad. You can call it a desktop replacement. It is purely an entertainment laptop. It comes with a memory of 6GB, Blu-ray drive and a Bang & Olufsen ICEPower audio. Nvidia GeForce GT 555M cardoffers a memory of 2GB for graphics. The laptop also gives an excellent 3D performance.

Asus N55SF Features

 1.       Design:

Asus N55SF has a LCD display of 15.6 inches. The screen gives an excellent resolution with a pixel count of 1920×1080. It has a big chassis but that does not make the laptop heavy. The chassis has a plastic finish but it is covered with a glossy and curved black lid. Its edge has a beautiful chrome finish.

The interior has two tones in silver and black which gives an aesthetic look to the laptop. The lid is prone to fingerprints. But this is the case with all the glossy laptop lids especially when these are used by children. The screen has an aluminum panel below it that adds to high quality. All these features make the laptop look very impressive. The chassis is strong and flexible. Even the screen and the keyboard base have some flex in them.

 2.       Key Concerns:

The keyboard is the major concern. It is of low quality as compared to other laptops. Letter keys are quite compressed for this huge device. Though the keys have amazing springs attached to them but messaging is not comfortable on the keyboard. You tend to hit the wrong key while typing. The inappropriate placement of volume control keys worsens the problem. When you hold Shift or go for Tab, you can accidentally press them. The volume keys are located on the left side. Usually, the keys are placed at the keyboard’s edge. Another flaw is that while you type, a graphic for volume control pops up.

Most of the laptops suffer from poor sound quality. But Asus N55SF has not neglected this factor. The B&O audio is loud enough for the living room. Watching Blu-Ray movies was an excellent experience. The built-in display of thelaptopgives clear & crisp images. The anti-glare coating on the laptop screen reduces reflections. The color reproduction is fantastic. The screen offers great contrast.

 3.       Other Features:

Asus N55SF offers storage of640GB. This is a useful feature for the music, photo and video addicts. Another feature is the USB 3.0 connectivity. Transfer speeds work very quickly with USB 3.0 drive if external storage is added. There are plenty of ports and a microSD slot.
It has a responsive trackpad. However, the mouse buttons click very easily. It becomes little difficult when you perform specific tasks like highlighting files or text.

4.       Powerful Performer:

Asus N55SF runs Intel Core i7-2630QM processor. It comprises of a GeForce GT 555M graphics card of 2GB. There is a Bang and Olufesen ICE power and a SonicMaster subwoofer that increase the performance.

The laptop gives a very strong performance. It gives a tough competition to Toshiba Qosimo X770, Alienware M14X & M18X with its gaming graphics. You can play the games very smoothly or perform video editing effectively with its powerful quad-core processor, 6GB memory and advanced graphics. The laptop makes use of the Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology. This gives an excellent graphics performance and battery life.

5.       Price:

Asus N55SF is available at Rs 70,000 approx.

Sum Up:

Few Asus laptops such as UX31 Zenbook have annoying software- a reminder pops up constantly to register details. You will also notice an update wizard that keeps on appearing. Asus N55SF is quite better than other laptops in this case. It has a super-fast processor. So even with the additions, there will be no slow down in Windows 7.

N55SF is an excellent entertainment laptop that has certain laptops like mouse controls, keyboard and some annoying software alerts. It has an impressive spec sheet. Overall, it gives an excellent performance.

It is a stylized and complete entertainment laptop like those of Alienware and Toshiba. If some changes can be made to the keyboard, the laptop is really worth buying. Though the laptop is not cheap at all but its features are worth its price.

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Oracle DOO: Better Than Oracle ERP?

As for its commitment in creating globally integrated and synchronized business set-ups, Oracle, the market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning software, has launched Oracle DOO or ‘Distributed Order Orchestration’. Oracle DOO is an addition to Oracle’s Fusion Business Applications suite, a complete software package for Supply Chain Management system. It has been a product of company’s thorough R&D on market operations and problems.

  • The DOO especially focuses on intelligent unification of simultaneous functioning ERP systems and redressed of ‘multiple entry and fulfillment point’ issues, thereby avoiding ‘order blockages’.
  • The company has added several new features to the DOO to overcome the problems faced by its previous SCM software, the Oracle ERP.
  •  The software provides full technical support, right from the procurement of raw materials from partner companies, giving flexibility in adding new order entry points to the existing ones, directing customer’s orders and specifications directly to factories to effective distribution.

In Distributed Order Orchestration system, the software collects all the orders from different entry points into the central database and classifies them into various categories.

  • It then sends the procurement details directly to the storage facilities or factories in an organized manner thus reducing time logs and manual labor costs.
  •  It predicts the shortage of various raw materials and reminds about them well in advance to avoid a lock-down.
  •  In case of passed deadlines and order shortages, it intimates the customers, thus maintaining a healthy customer relationship.
  •  It also prepares a detailed sales report under various headings and maintains a good demand-supply track record for the company, thus enticing new investors and customers.

New Oracle DOO is better than Oracle ERP because of several factors like:

  • The most useful development has been the centralization of orders from various sources giving the complete picture. A Full 360 degree view has been specially developed for this purpose.
  • Its intelligent processor identifies special customers to fulfill their needs priority.
  • Predicts stock shortage and redirects orders or specifies certain rules as and when necessary.
  • It keeps all the departments interlinked and abreast with developments in other sections, thus keeping them in sync.
  • Complete and detailed information helps each worker to be prepared for its role in right time and at right place.
  • To deliver bulk orders, it engages more than one storage facilities to deliver the products more efficiently, both on time and financial basis.
  • Categorized data helps in faster and hassle free information retrieval.
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Mortgage: Your Down Payment Affects Everything

Your First Step Toward Buying a Home

When preparing to buy a home, the first thing many homebuyers do is look at “homes for sale” ads in newspapers, magazines and listings on the internet. Some potential buyers read “how-to” articles like this one. The next thing you should do – before you call on an ad, before you talk to a Realtor, before you shop for interest rates – is look at your savings.


Because determining how much money you have available for down payment and closing costs affects almost every aspect of buying a home – including how you write your purchase offer, the loan programs you qualify for, and shopping for interest rates.

Mortgage Programs:

If you only have enough available for a minimum down payment, your choices of loan program will be limited to only a few types of mortgages. If someone is giving you a gift for all or part of the down payment, your options are also limited. If you have enough for the down payment, but need the lender or seller to cover all or part of your closing costs, this further limits your options. If you borrow all or a portion of the down payment from your 401K or retirement plan, different loan programs have different rules on how you qualify.

Of course, if you have enough for a large down payment, then you have lots of choices.

Your loan choices include such varied programs as conventional fixed rate loans, adjustable rate mortgages, buydowns, VA, FHA, graduated payment mortgages and all the varieties of each.

Shopping Rates:

A very important reason you need to have at least some idea of your down payment is for shopping interest rates. Some loan programs charge a slightly higher interest rate for minimal down payments. Plus, the interest rates for different loan programs are not the same. For example, conventional, VA, and FHA all offer fixed rate loans. However, the rates vary from one program to another.

If you shop lenders by phone, the loan officer will be able to tell which programs fit and quote you rates accordingly. However, if you are shopping on the internet, you have to have some idea of your loan program on your own.

Writing Your Offer:

Another reason you need to have a clue about your down payment is because it affects how you write your offer to purchase a home. Not only are you required to put your down payment information in the offer, but different loan programs have different rules which also affect how you write your offer. This is especially important when dealing with FHA and VA loans.

If you are asking the seller to pay all or part of your closing costs, you have to be certain your loan program allows what you are asking. For smaller down payments, lenders allow the seller to pay less closing costs than for larger down payments. Some loan programs will allow a seller to pay certain types of costs, but not others.

Finally, your down payment also affects your ability to qualify for a loan. When you make a small down payment, lenders are fairly strict about having you conform to their underwriting guidelines. For larger down payments, they will tend to make allowances or exceptions to the rules.


As you can see, the down payment affects every choice you make when you buy a home. Although you should look at ads, familiarize yourself with neighborhoods, learn about prices, and read as much as you can – when you get ready to take action – the first thing you should do is figure out how much money you have available for the purchase.


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